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Supplier Remittance Advice

Does ayone know howwe canpri a remittance advice when making paments to suppliers. It is becoming increasingly frustrating that I have to screen print the "pay one supplier" screen for every supplier payment I make.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ok everybody: This has been really bugging me!
    I do not pay multiple bills, but this is a very important report, so I have been sleuthing.
    I have found a report....it is not perfect, or like the desktop version, but it is the best I have found....so here goes.
    Go to the report list on the reports tab,
    Then go to suppliers in the grey area on the left.
    Click bill payment list.
    Then click "customize" a window will appear...
    Then go to lists in the greay area on the left.
    Under supplier, pick the one you wish the information for...(you can click for multiple if you wish)
    Click run report...once the report runs, you may have to change the date to the appropriate one you wish.
    This report will give you the date, the chq #, the supplier and the amount you paid (so if you paid say 3 bills, there will be three transactions with the same cheque number (i think).
    It should give you what you need to give to your suppliers!
    I truly hope it helps!
    All my best,
    • Hi, QBO have now added this feature, it came on yesterday.  As follows :

      Create a remittance advice for a supplier
      When you send a payment to a supplier, you can create a remittance advice that tells the supplier to which bills the payment applies.
      To create a remittance advice
      If it's not already open, click Pay One Supplier and find the bill payment.
      (Optional) Click Preview to review.
      Click Print if you want a paper remittance advice.
      To email a receipt, click Send.
      In the Edit Delivery Information window, make sure the supplier's email address is correct, then click OK.

      I did it yesterday, all works out fine, so someone has finally listened!  You can also do same with customers, it acts as a receipt.
    • Awesome! works great - thanks for your notification, it will help many!
      Hadn't been on this week, glad you were!
      Good Going Intuit, nice way to listen to us,
    • What version of QB is this option available?  I do not see a preview button when I go to pay one vendor.
    • Hi it's QB online.
    Go up to File, down to print forms then go to remittance, change the dates to when you have paid them and the print
    • Hi thanks for that but if you could explain further as I don't know if I've missed something here.  Where are you when you say to do this ie what page?  Has a specific remittance advice been put on now or are you giving instructions on how to do what Barnsey has said he/she does already? Please let me know. Thanks.
    • Once you have put the remittances on, go to the home page, up to file, down to print forms,across to remittances and then put the date in that you paid the remittances and then print, hope this helps
    • Hi Marie:
       I also thank you for this info, but I am also a bit confused....are you on QB On-line? As once I pay a bill I am still unable to print the remittance...if I go to the home page, then click on file....there is no "print forms area" if I hit print preview it give a picture of the home screen. It is the same in the supplier tab and the pay bills tab....please clarify. Thanks :-)
    • Hi Jennifer, no i am on QB desktop not online so maybe it is a different procedure..... sorry i could not help

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